Land without evil - Ivi Imarae

Feature film / Documentary / 2010 / Spain/Bolivia


Doctor Pilar Mateo, inventor of a type of paint capable of eradicating the VINCHUCA; a bug that transmits Chagas disease, has been working with her team of vinchuqueros in the Bolivian Chaco for over twelve years. A film crew now moves to Bolivia to investigate the so-called "Chagas disease".
Why after being identified for one hundred years does it remain an unknown and forgotten disease? Why does it mostly affect the poor and indigenous population? As Doctor Pilar Mateo says "the problem isn't the Chagas disease, it's what the Chagas disease hides."

Produced by TV ON Producciones, Tarannà Films and GVP, with the collaboration of ICAA-Spanish Ministry of Culture, IVAC-The Valencian Film Institute and the Valencian Television.


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Ricardo Macián

Length: 90´

Format: HD

Cinematographer: Pablo González

Sound: Xavi Mulet

Music: Damián Sánchez

Editors: Sagrario Perpiñán

Script: Ricardo Macián