The other shoe

Feature film / Drama / 2003 / EEUU / Spain


Brooklyn is a New York borough that has operated for over 150 years as a natural gateway for immigrants looking for a better life. It's a film about people living in this city and about their dreams, looking to the future and into the past. A street, Broadway, serves as a border and a common place for three communities: the artists who have just arrived, the Dominicans and the ultra-Orthodox Jews. All under the elevated train tracks leading to Manhattan. In this multicultural space the stories of three characters will intermingle: Gonzalo, a young Spanish playwright; Richie, a young Hispanic dealer, and Abraham, a Jew.


Produced by Createle Producciones, Ficciones del Sur and ZZJ with the collaboration of the IVAC-The Valencian Film Institute and Valencian Television


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Guillermo Escalona and Rafael Calatayud Cano

Length: 90´

Format: BD

Cinematographer: Cobi Migliora

Sound: Gabriel Gutiérrez

Music: Germán Ycobalzeta

Editor: Lucas Nolla

Script: Guillermo Escalona and Joan Cuevas


Gustavo Salmerón

Danny Hoch

Kae Shimizu

Kristina Klebe

David Mandelbaum

Víctor Sierra




_2003 Valencia Festival–Award for Best Direction and Best Male Interpretation

_Selected at the 2004 Rome Film Festival