The Menstruation

Short film – Animation – 2019 – Spain


When Carla gets her first period, she is full of questions about how her body is going to change. Her friend Mia, who has had it for a year, and her own ovaries, will help Carla solve all of her doubts. 

Produced by TV ON Producciones and Admirable Films, with the support of  IVC-The Valencian Film Institute


Mari Giner

Carmen Giner



Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Alex Cervantes

Length: 7'

Format: 2D Animation

Sound: José Serrador

Music: Vincent Barrière

Editor: Rebeca Núñez del Hoyo and Sergio Córdoba

Character and set design: Emilio Gallego and Jesús Gallego

Animated by: Rebeca Núñez del Hoyo and Sergio Córdoba

Script: Paloma Mora and María Mínguez

Colouring: Vicente Ibáñez