Sex Symbols

Tv Series / Animation / 2023 / Spain


CARLA, MIA, MAX AND HUGO are about to become teenagers, and their first questions about their sexuality and physical changes are surfacing. Their own organs will help them to understand. Alongside their own organs, the youths will learn about sexual and affective education through animation/cartoons in an entertaining way.

A TV ON Producciones and Admirable Films production. Selected at Weird Market 2022 (Animation, Video Games and New Media Market) in Valencia, Spain; at Iberseries Platino & Industria 2022 within Pitch Dandeloo in Madrid, Spain; at Annecy- Partner pitches Mifa – Women in Animation 2022 in Annecy, France; at Cartoon Next 2022 in Marseille, France; selected at the Animation Production Days in Stuttgart 2021, Germany; at the TGFM COM (Tokyo Gap-Financing Market 2021) within the TIFFCOM festival (Tokyo International Film Festival); at the League of Ibero-American Animation 2020 in Tenerife, Spain; and at the Cartoon Forum & Movie 2019, France. Supported by the INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE CULTURA (IVC) and À PUNT MEDIA.


Mari Giner

Edu Borja

Nelo Gómez

Carme Giner


Producer: Paloma Mora

Original Idea: Paloma Mora

Director: Paloma Mora

Length: 26 episodes x 7 minutes (Season 1 and Season 2)

Format: 2D Animation TV Series

Sound: José Serrador

Music: Vincent Barrière

Editor: Vicente Ibáñez, Francisco Gutiérrez and Alonso Bello

Character and set design: Emilio Gallego, Jesús Gallego and Alberto Corraliza

Art Directors: Alberto Corraliza, Emilio Gallego and Jesús Gallego

Animation Coordinator: Sergio Rodríguez and Nacho Gallach

Script Coordinador: Elena Gobernado

Animated by: Rebeca Núñez del Hoyo, Sergio Córdoba, Nacho Gallach, Alberto Corraliza, Eduardo Jaque, Diego Vega, Nicolás Mora, Julhino Espinoza, Mauricio Chávez, Pamela Aching, Sandra Ramírez, Yumi Villanueva, Ale Guerra and Viviana Rodríguez

Script: María Mínguez, Noelia Martínez, Xavier Puchades and Jordi Gomar

Story board: Duna Tàrrega and Mario Domínguez