Elena’s reasons

Short film / Drama / 2014 / Spain


A Saturday afternoon in a student residence living room, Elena, a 17 year old girl meets Eric of 20. Later, they meet some other friends and are having some fun in a nearby disco, Elena and Eric leave together. They arrive at an abandoned railway track. Eric Parks his car on a vegetable garden and rapes Elena.

After the rape, Elena needs help. The circumstances of the tragedy have rendered her with a feeling of despair and loneliness. Her mind plundering in depredation.

Produced by TV ON Producciones and Silence P&D, with the collaboration of the ICAA-Spanish Ministry of Culture and IVAC-The Valencian Film Institute.


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Almudena Verdés

Length: 15´

Format: HD

Cinematographer: Gabriel Guerra

Sound: Nacho Aragonés y José Serrador

Editors: Vicente Ibáñez y Pilar Fernández

Art Director: Pepón Singler

Make-up: Laura Tur

Hairdresser: Laura Tur

Costumes designer: Miguel Carbonell y Maru Martínez

Script: Almudena Verdés


Helena Sanchis-Guarner

Eduardo Garé


_SGAE en corto España 2014

_Hispanoscope España 2014

_Festival Internacional  de documental y cortometraje de Bilbao (ZINEBI) España 2014

_International women short film Festival India 2015