In the air

TV Serie / Dramedy / 2005 / Spain


Irene, a professional pilot for Inter airline company, decides to stop flying to take the place of her father, who recently retired, as head of the company. Things get complicated when the son of a friend of Irene's father arrives at the company to replace her father, and as it so happens he is her former boyfriend with whom she studied the pilot degree. A new life begins for Irene as the new director of the airline company, with her new colleagues and her former boyfriend interested in recovering their relationship.


A Createle Producciones production in collaboration with Television Valenciana.


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Carlos Navarro

Length: 13 ep. X 50 min.

Format: Betacam Digital

Cinematographer: Paco Belda

Sound: Daniel Navarro, Javier Peral and Alex Sorní

Editor: Olaf González

Art Director: Rosalia López

Script: Rafael Calatayud Cano and Nuria de la Torre


Cristina Perales

Luis Mottola

María Almudever

José Miguel Sánchez

Alvaro Baguena

Jordi Ballester

Lola Moltó

Lara Sanchís

Boro Tarazona