Ezekiel and Maria the Greyhound

Short film / Drama / 2014 / Spain


Ezekiel, a ten year old boy with an extraordinary aural reception, goes every day to the forest looking for nests to steal eggs. One day, between the sounds of the forest, the crying whine of his greyhound Maria, who is struggling between life and death, calls his attention.

We also have available DVD, BLUE RAY and DCP in case the view on Vimeo was a little bit unsteady.

Produced by TV ON Producciones with the collaboration of the ICAA-Spanish Ministry of Culture and IVAC - The Valencian Film Institute.


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Eva Marín

Length: 23´

Format: HD

Cinematographer: Carlos Cebrián

Sound: Alex Bordanova and José Serrador

Editors: Pablo Vila and Rafa Montesinos

Art Director: Abdón Alcañíz

Make-up: Ana Balsera

Hairdresser: Ana Balsera

Costumes designer: Giovanna Ribes Esteve

Script: Eva Marín


Adrián López

Jaime Pujol



cartel ezequiel


_Best Photography in the Alcine 44 Festival – Spain 2014

_Selected in the Official Section of the Malaga festival – Spain 2014

_Selected in SGAE EN CORTO Spain 2014

_Selected in Short Film corner of Cannes 2014

_Selected as one of the 12 best short films by the cinema magazine Caimán

_Selected in Quartmetratges 2014

_Selected in Curts 2014 Spain 2014

_Selected in IV Shoer Film Festival K-lidoscopi of Cullera Spain 2014