Cat food

Tv Movie / Comedy / 2009 / Spain


Two inseparable friends fall in love with the same girl. A career woman is forced to choose between success and motherhood. A faithful wife finally says no to her husband's infidelity. An aging homosexual harbours a well-known secret. In this light ensemble comedy, lives and circumstances, hopes and dreams converge in a neighbourhood supermarket where a certain brand of cat food is offering a trip to the Caribbean.


Produced by TV ON Producciones, Diagonal TV and Gaia Audiovisual with the collaboration of IVAC-The Valencian Film Institute, Valencian Television, Catalan Television and Murcia Television.

Sale of Antenna rights: ARTE FRANCE


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Carlos Pastor

Length: 90´

Format: HD

Cinematographer: J. Carlos Lausín

Sound: José Sospedra

Music: Enric Murillo

Editor: Alberto Ortiza

Art Director: Rafa Janone

Make-up: Esther Guillém

Hairdresser: Ana Guillém

Costumes designer: Inés Liverato

Script: Guillermo Escalona and Joan Cuevas


Roger Casamajor

Jordi Vilches

Cristina Plazas

Cristina Perales

Ángel Pavlovsky

María Almudéver

Empar Ferrer



_Festival des créations télévisuelles de Luchon 2010-Prix du Film Espagnol

_Som Cinema (Mollerussa) 2009-Finalist  

_RomaFictionFest 2009–Finalist TV movies

_Festival de Islantilla Cine y Televisión 2009–finalist TV movies

_Ibiza Int'l Film Festival 2009–Sección Silver Screen

_Festival de Cine de Alicante 2009-Finalist TV movies

_Premis Tirant 2009–Best TV movie, Best Director (Carles Pastor), Best original music (Enric Murillo), Best Sound (Carlos Lidón), Best supporting actresses (Empar Ferrer, Cristina Plazas y Cristina Perales)

_Mostra de Valencia 2008–Best TV movie produced in Valencia

_Zoom Igualada 2008–Special Mention Official Competition