Burnt Land

Feature film / Documentary / 2017 / Spain


History books are filled with characters whose adventures, rhetoric and weakness had change the fate of humanity. Over the centuries, history makes us to remember names and surnames, but sometimes, only sometimes, history forgets about anonymous heroes. Miquel Serra i Pamies is one of this forgotten heroes.

Produced by TV ON Producciones in coproduction with Setmagic Audiovisual and Silence P&D, with the collaboration of ICAA-Spanish Ministry of Culture, IVAC-The Valencian Film Institute, the Catalonian Television and ICEC-The Catalan Film Institute.


Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Silvia Quer

Lenght: 80´

Format: HD

Cinematographer: Robert C. Carrera

Sound: Daniel Soriano

Music: Vincent Barrière

Editor: Domi Parra

Art Director: Pascual Julián

Make-up: Laura Tur

Hairdresser: Anna Cortés

Costumes designer: Ana Llorca

Script: Eduard Solà


Iván Benet

María Maroto

Paco Sarro

Raquel Escribano

Diego Braguinsky

Jaime Linares

Jean-Paul Szybura

Ettore Colombo