Bita and Cora

Short Film / Animation / 2018 / Spain


Bita and Cora are two adventurous friends who travel in a spaceship across the whole universe, exploring new planets, satellites and asteroids. Until they arrive to a new planet: Pruna. In Pruna they will meet the Elms, a strange, curious and funny beings, with whom they will live an extraordinary adventure.

Produced by TV ON Producciones with the support of  ICAA-Spanish Ministry of Culture


Mari Giner

Edu Borja



Producer: Paloma Mora

Director: Vicente Mallols


Format: Stop motion Animation

Cinematographer: Celia Benavent

Sonido: José Serrador

Music: Vincent Barrière

Editor: María Briones and Angel Marín

Character and set design: Emilio Gallego, Jesús Gallego and Miguel Delicado

Art Director: Pascual Julián and Natalia Ramírez

Animated by: David Caballer, Teresa Pérez, Maria Ribas, Sergio Lara, Enrique Giner and Pablo Llorens

Script: María Mínguez

Colouring: Javier Horrillo